Sonu and Kalpna

11×14 Watercolour

Three years after Sonu and Kalpna were married, I visited them and the family for a week, living with them in Mau.  It was an uforgettable, wonderful, heartwarming experience. We slept on charpoys, walked daily through the village, accompanied by the ever present posse of older boys designated to take care of me.  I tried one day to go alone, protesting that I do it all the time in my home. About one minute after setting off a dog came running at me, barking, and the boys were there in a flash.  Apparently I did need to be taken care of. Although I am still sure I could have told the dog to go away by myself.  

Painting mostly in watercolour, but some oil and acrylic, Heather found she had a special gift in portraiture. You can see her work at Heather Wilkinson Art on Facebook.
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