11×14 Watercolour

Sonu adopted me and I him as we travelled through Rajastan with him as our driver. At that time he was 25 and about to get married.  In this capture, he was watching with bemusement..  We were in an ancient sari shop, surrounded by piles and piles and shelves and shelves of saris in Old Delhi Market Chowri Chak.  As we shopped we were served quantities of chai, as we worked our way through hundreds of options, finally choosing 13, which Sonu understood was the number needed.  However later he had a worried look on his face, after speaking to his father.  Apparently 13 was bad luck and we had to return and get one more to make it an even 14. 

Painting mostly in watercolour, but some oil and acrylic, Heather found she had a special gift in portraiture. You can see her work at Heather Wilkinson Art on Facebook.
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